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Bragging Rights from Beauty Bay

I’ve gone a little spending crazy lately; I don’t know if it was because my birthday just passed or because I’m weak and can’t resist a bargain even though it’s not really a bargain if you didn’t need it in the first place… BUT, I managed to snag myself a few exciting products in the Beauty Bay Bragging Rights sale. Here’s what I bought.

Soph x Spice eyeshadow palette

I fell in love with this palette immediately when I saw it all over Instagram so when I clocked it in the Beauty Bay sale, I knew I had to get it. And boy did it live up my expectations. The colours, the pigmentation, the blend-ability – it’s a dream.


Conceal and Define Concealer C1

I always struggle with concealers. I’m pretty fussy about the consistency and finish of them and I can never find one light enough, especially when I’m using it to brighten up my dark under eyes. This one is pretty damn pale, I was touch and go on whether it was actually too light for me at one point but once it had time to settle into the skin, I found it was a great colour match.

I absolutely LOVE the applicator this concealer comes with. I’ve been using Rimmel True Match pretty much exclusively for the past couple of months and the squeeze tube and small brush always frustrated me about the product. The Revolution Conceal and Define comes with a massive doe foot (doefer? doe foot? Idk) applicator which means you don’t have to keep dipping into the tube to get enough product.

The Ordinary 

The Ordinary

I’ve never tried anything from The Ordinary before but the two products I bought will definitely have me going back for more, especially the Glycolic Acid. I’ve only used it a couple of times but I can already feel an improvement in my skin. (I’ll do a more in-depth review when I’ve really had a chance to see the results).

The second The Ordinary product I bought was the Coverage Foundation in Fair 1.1. Like concealer, I always struggle to find a foundation pale enough for my skin but the colour on this is perfect for me. I didn’t like the way it went on my skin with a brush (I used a B01 Spectrum brush) but once I went over it with a damp beauty blender I was pretty happy with the results.

BEAUTY BAY x Jordan Lipscombe 

Now, I was so excited for this palette when I purchased it and I have mixed feelings about it. The shimmer shades are beautiful, especially the copper brown one but the matte shades are a disappointment. I find them pretty chalky and hard to blend, and the colours get lost in each other as you try to build them. I honestly looked like I had a black eye once I was done with it – though I suppose that could be user error, I’m a bit out of touch with my MUA skills…

On a brighter note (literally), the highlighters in this palette are great, I was reflecting the light and glowing my way around Tesco.

Revolution loose glitters & BH cosmetics base glue

Loose glitters

I’ve never attempted to use loose glitters and I’ve always wanted to try them so when I saw these on offer for around £2, I couldn’t resist. I had to watch my fair share of tutorials to figure out what I was doing but they went on really well, and despite the odd textured feel of my eyelid, I was really happy with the way it looked and I’m excited to play around with these a bit more!

I got four different colours: Bling Thing, Last Dance, Out Out and Hall of Fame.

The BH Cosmetics base booster, however, did irritate my eyelid a little but I don’t know if it was just because I’d taken the makeup I’d previously been wearing off with a micellar water I’d never tried before. I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt for now until I try it again.

Did you bag any Beauty Bay Bargains this Black Friday? Have you ever tried any The Ordinary products? What would you recommend?

P.S: my swatching for this post was interrupted by this cutie



23 thoughts on “Bragging Rights from Beauty Bay

  1. I love makeup hauls and I had to really hold myself back from the Beauty Bay Black Friday sale because I’ve been spending far too much recently. I keep hearing so many great things about the Revolution concealer so I’m definitely going to check that out soon! Great post!

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  2. You really have been on a spending spree 😂 It’s nearly Christmas though so why not right? Those eyeshadow shades look so dreamy. I’m always doing swatches on my hands and arms in stores, bet I look like a multicoloured mess walking around! Great post 😊 X

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This isn’t even all I’ve been buying either 🤦🏻‍♀️😂 I relate to that so much, haha! honestly would highly recommend the Revolution palette though, it’s magnificent! Thanks, lovely ☺️x

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    1. My skin is mildly sensitive (tends to be more so with makeup removers and face washes) so I can’t 100% say for sure, but I didn’t find any irritation with using it at all, in fact it felt really nice on my skin! I read a few reviews before I purchased it and didn’t come across anything about it affecting sensitive skin but obviously all skin is different but the beauty of this foundation is it’s relatively cheap! x


  3. Great post! I’ve actually recently had Revolution appear on my radar and I’m so far loving their stuffs!
    Definitely would like to try The Original brand soon! Would you be posting a progress update in a few weeks?

    The D.

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    1. Revolution is such great value for money, great products at really decent prices! And yes, planning to do a follow up on The Ordinary in a few weeks when I’ve had time to fully see how my skin handles it! ☺️xx


  4. I was all set to see if the palette was available in the US but then I read that you didn’t love the whole thing. Thanks for sharing that information. There are definitely some products you’re trying that I’d like to read more about (the one with the glycolic acid).

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    1. Yea, I wouldn’t recommend that one if I’m completely honest! Planning to do a follow up on that one once I’ve had a chance to properly try it out (couple of weeks time! ☺️)


    1. Definitely need to play around with the glitters a bit more and actually learn what I’m doing, haha! But loving The Ordinary so far, hoping to try a few more products in the future if this one goes well! 🙂 x

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  5. What a great haul! I tried the serum foundation from The Ordinary but never tried the coverage, I found it was too cakey using a Brush too even though it is quite light coverage! I also love the Revolution Concealer, I definitely recommend the Foundation too! I’m really surprised with the Beauty Bay x Jordan palette because I’ve heard such great things! It’s a shame it wasn’t great for you! Love love love haul posts!
    Alex x

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    1. Definitely wanting to try the foundation! Yea, I read only good things about it before I bought it so I was massively disappointed! Like I said though, could have potentially just been user error but the mattes are not for me! The shimmers and highlighters are good so pros and cons! x

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