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Five Musicals I Want To See

My love for musicals began in 2008 when I got to see Wicked on the West End. I fell in love with the magic coming to life on the stage and the belting notes of incredible songs. I’ve been to my fair share of shows since then (including West Side Story on Broadway!) and every time I leave a performance, I have a new appreciation for the skill and the art that goes into a production, and a massive smile on my face.

These are my top five musicals I would love to see!

Anyone who is anyone wants to see this musical. I’ve been following this musical since it’s Broadway debut in 2015 and I tried to get tickets when it first came over the UK but I was unsuccessful. So, I settled for listening to the soundtrack on repeat over and over again.

This isn’t your average musical, as you probably know, it’s an entirely rapped musical, with the odd sung song and verse thrown in there. It took the musical world by storm, cleaned up at the Tony’s and even has an episode of Grey’s Anatomy named after it.

The staging and choreography look insane from photos and videos I’ve seen and thanks to my amazing boyfriend, I get to finally be in the room where it happened next year!

If you’ve never listened to this soundtrack, I suggest you drop everything you’re doing right now and make it your mission to do so. It’s such a warm, feel good listen and certain songs even make me well up. If you want a starting point, I’d recommend either You Matter to Me or She Used to be Mine, (Jessie Mueller’s voice is like a religious experience), or check out his video of Jessie and Drew Gehling performing ‘Bad Idea’ on the Wendy Williams show:

The music was written by Sara Bareilles (who gave us the banger that is Love Song) and again, I’ve been obsessed with it since it first came out on Broadway in 2016 and have wanted to see it ever since. I’m finally getting the chance to do so in February with Katherine McPhee playing the lead role of Jenna and I can’t even put into words how excited I am!

Dear Evan Hansen
Like both musicals I’ve already mentioned, you guessed it, I’ve been following this musical since it’s Broadway debut in 2016. Well, actually before it’s Broadway Debut. Pasek and Paul, who wrote the music for DEH, gave fans at Elsie Fest a sneak peek of the song ‘You Will Be Found’ with the help of Cynthia Erivo (absolutely breathtaking performance, you can check it out here if you want) and I fell in love with it. I then spent weeks listening to it on repeat before I found a version of ‘Waving Through a Window’ on the DEH website and then alternated between the two.

When the soundtrack was finally released, I went weeks on end listening to it and nothing else. The original Broadway recording stars Ben Platt, whose voice is honestly out of this world (you might know him as Benji from Pitch Perfect) and Laura Dreyfuss who starred in the last season of Glee as one of the twins.

The show is set to be coming to the West End in November 2019 and you better believe I will be selling my soul to see it.

Side note: Pasek and Paul also bought us the masterpiece that is The Greatest Showman soundtrack so if you’ve never heard of Dear Evan Hansen, that should give you an idea of how good it is.

Pretty Woman: The Musical

Pretty Woman is one of my all-time favourite films. I never tire of watching it. So, when I found out they were making it into a musical, I was both excited and nervous. Excited because my favourite film plus a musical soundtrack is like a dream come true. But nervous because it could be complete horse shit. Nonetheless, I’d be incredibly intrigued to see how well it translates from screen to stage.

I was a bit reluctant at first to listen to the Original Broadway recording but after a loop or two of the whole thing, I found myself singing and bopping along – the songs are incredibly catchy and I love Sam Barks (who plays Vivian). From show trailers, it looks as though all the iconic moments are featured, which also excites me and I may have fallen a little bit in love with the guy who plays Edward after watching this trailer:

The Book of Mormon

I don’t know as much about this musical, I only have a friends recommendation and a video of Darren Criss singing You and Me (Mostly Me) to thank for wanting to see it. I’ve listened to the soundtrack a couple of times and do have a couple of favourite songs, but I’ve been nowhere near as invested in this musical as I have the others. Still, I would really like to see it one day.

What are your top musical picks? Are you loyal to the more tradition musicals? Or do you get intrigued by the newer, contemporary musicals like me?




50 thoughts on “Five Musicals I Want To See

  1. I love musicals and worked a ta theater for four years where I got to see all sorts of shows on tour. I’ve seen my two all-time favorites (Kinky Boots and Les Mis) on both Broadway and West End and saw The Lion King for the first time a few weeks ago! I’m not a big fan of the Hamilton soundtrack but I’m sure I’d enjoy it if I saw it live. I’d love to see West Side Story and Rent. The Book of Mormon is great, hilarious and has a really wide appeal!

    Rachel ||

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    1. Ooo, I forgot about Kinky Boots!! And The Lion King, I saw Aladdin on the West End and that was magical so I can imagine how good Lion King is! West Side Story was incredible and YES to Rent!!!


    2. I’ve seen “Kinky Boots” on Broadway, and it was a lot better than I thought it would be! The main reason I saw it is because my favorite theater actor, Killian Donnelly was in it. I’ve actually seen him in four shows: “The Commitments,” “Memphis,” “Kinky Boots” and “Les Mis” in London.

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  2. My best friend and I fell head over heels with the Hamilton soundtrack and we have been listening to all the tracks religiously since September…

    The depth, the intensity, the interconnectedness of every lyric in each track is mind blowing..

    I just wish they would bring this musical to our neck of the woods sometime soon… that would be perfect!

    Thanks for the list!!😁😁😁

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    1. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it comes somewhere close by where you can see it! It is phenomenal and I’m so excited to see it next month! Thanks for reading! 😊


  3. I am 24, and was raised on musical theatre.

    In 2006, I saw Wicked on Broadway- that was my first time seeing Wicked. That musical sparked my love for musicals.

    In my first year of college (2012-2013)- Les Mis turned that love into a passion, which was in 2013.

    Other musicals I love:

    1. Sound of Music
    2. Annie
    3. Newsies
    4. Lion King
    5. Beauty and the Beast
    6. Phantom of the Opera
    7. Rent
    8. Music Man
    9. Pippin
    10. South Pacific

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  4. I’ve really been getting into musicals lately and I recently saw Mamma Mia at the theatre and loved it. I’m hoping they do a The Greatest Showman musical production soon because I would totally see it. I also would really like to see Hamilton and Les Mis if I get the chance. I hear they are really good musicals to go and see!

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  5. I don’t remember the last time I went to see a musical, but I would love to go see one some time soon. I’ve heard such good things about the book of mormon too so I would definitely be interested in seeing that and oh my, pretty woman as a musical sounds amazing, I also love the film and never get bored of it!!

    Chloe xx

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